Re: Testing the mailing list

Alan Craig

It's asking me to authenticate.

I'm clicking on this url:

hmmm...  I don't think it asked me to before.  Or, I was already authenticated when I went to that link before.  But I don't remember signing up.  Hmmm...

Just noting it is asking me to authenticate.

So I clicked on the thing to sign me up and it took me to that page and now it shows me 3 of 5 members.  Me, Mona, and Suresh.

Who are the other 2?  I assume Andrea and ???  Are they moderators or something that aren't shown?

Gonna put a screen capture in so you can see and also to see how it handles attachments.


On 5/23/18 3:03 PM, Mona wrote:
Hi Alan, I changed another setting...does it work now?

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