Re: Testing the mailing list

Alan Craig


If I go there, I get this error message:

This member directory is only visible to members of your group. In order to view the member directory, you must change your profile privacy setting to either Other Members of Your Group, or to Public.

So - I changed my profile privacy setting as it says, but then when I go to the directory url you gave it shows me only Surresh and myself.  It says "
Showing 2 of 4 Members"

Not a big deal, but just trying to figure out how this works.

On 5/22/18 1:59 AM, Andrea Zonca wrote:
you should be able to access the directory at:

On Tue, May 22, 2018 at 8:04 AM <a-craig@...> wrote:
I wish there was a way to see who is on the list. 

I see that there are 4 members, but can't tell who they are.

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