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  • ECSSers mailing list
    Mailing list of the XSEDE Extended Collaborative Support Services ( ) consultants * Ask other ECSS consultants for support * Share interesting resources and documentation * Show off your work * Create new collaborations on topics of shared interest The purpose of this mailing list is to make it easier to share knowledge among ECCSers and make it publicly accessible on the web as a searchable archive ( ) , all ECSS consultants will be invited to join this mailing list but they can choose to change their subscription options to daily digest or even no email (and just get answers from their own questions) from the configuration page. ( ) As archives are public, make sure you *do not share sensitive information*. For any question about the mailing list contact the admins. ( ) Subscribe via web * Click on the "Apply For Membership" button * Enter your email address and confirm * Open your mailbox and click on the confirm account link * asks you to create a password, you need it only if you want to reply via web, it is not needed if you only want to use email * Wait for the mailing list moderators to approve your membership Subscribe via email * Send an email with any subject to: * Wait for email from requesting confirmation and reply to that email with any text * Wait for the mailing list moderators to approve your membership
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